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Sr. Lecturer

B.Pharm. (Hons.), Gono University

M.Pharm, University of Asia Pacific

Khurshid Jahan

Research & Awards

I have completed B. Pharm (Hons) from Gono University with first position in the batch & M. Pharm from The University of Asia Pacific (UAP) with also first position in the batch. I have been awarded for best performance from Gono University Pharmacy Alumni Association ( GBPAA) in the year of 2013. Now working as MPhil felow at Jahangirnagar University. My working area is advanced Pharmaceutical Technology. My interested field of work is pharmaceutical technology, physiology based pharmacology and phytochemistry. My philosophy of teaching is to create the leaders to make the field of pharmacy better for both the pharmacists and their patients as pharmacist play a vital role in health care system by ensuring safe and effective use of medicine.

1. One year experience on phytochemical research. 2. Now Working on advanced pharmaceutical Technology as a MPhil research felow at Jahangirnagar University.3. Supervising B. Pharm thesis students.

1. A grade ( A-5002) registered pharmacist in Bangladesh. 2. Member of PCB. 3. member of Pharmacy Walfare Association of Bangladesh ( PWAB) .4. Member of BPF 5. Member of of World University Pharmacy Club