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Assistant Professor

Bachelor in Accounting & Information Systems, University of Chittagong

Master in Accounting & Information Systems, University of Chittagong

CMA (Level 1), ICMAB

A.T.M. Shibbir Khan

A.T.M. Shibbir Khan is an Assistant Professor of World University of Bangladesh. He did his BBA and MBA from the University of Chittagong, under the faculty of Business Studies. His concentration was Accounting and Information Systems (AIS) in both BBA and MBA programs. Currently, he is continuing his CMA program from the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB). He achieved several scholarships at different stages of academic life for his brilliant results. He is proactive, hardworking, and friendly in nature. He is interested in solving complex business problems in a simple manner so that students can easily understand. He has vast knowledge in research activities in the area of accounting and finance. Now he is preparing himself for obtaining M.Phil. and Ph.D degrees.