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Assistant Professor

PGD-HRM (Bangladesh institute of Management)

MBA (Major in HRM), American International University - Bangladesh

Abdullah Mohammad Sharif

Research & Awards

Mr. Abdullah Mohammad Sharif is a Senior Lecturer of the Department of Business Administration. With a vision to impart quality and utilitarian education, he has been teaching for almost seven years at World University of Bangladesh (WUB). Before joining the university in 2010, he had been working as a compliance officer in a reputed garment factory. Health and safety management, training arrangement, maintenance of HRIS etc. were among his major job responsibilities. Along with two other faculty members, he is also successfully acting as a coordinator of the department for five long years. Preparing examination routine, ensuring proper submission of examination results by teacher, updating teachers' course profile in website, allocating batch counsellor per semester, submission of counsellors report to authority etc. are his main responsibilities now. Moreover, he conducts counselling on a regular basis to his students regarding their studies, career planning, professional development and so on. He is an active member of departmental examination committee, syllabus review committee and was also included in question moderation committee. Mr. Sharif has several articles published in the reputed journals of USA, Europe, Australia and India. Although his main concern is issues of HRM, he has research work in organizational performance measurement, analysis of economic activities of south Asian countries etc. Besides, he is interested to work on the field of ethical development, both in personal and professional arenas. As a regular recipient of merit scholarship from American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB), he completed graduation and post-graduation with distinctive grades. Throughout his student life and professional life, he has attended a number of workshops and seminars on different topics. Moreover, he has training on social compliance management, research methodology, strategic management and self-assessment. Mr. Sharif is team oriented, has fluency in Bengali & English both oral and written, leadership skills, stress tolerance, and good communication and negotiation skills. In his personal life, he is friendly, cordial and fun loving person who enjoys to travel a lot. He loves to read the Holy Quran and lead an honest and simple life. He also likes fish keeping and gardening in balcony. Mr. Sharif envisions a world of sentient, moral and responsible inhabitants.

Double Summa Cum Laude

AIUB Alumni Association