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Head of the Department

BA (Hons) in English, University of Dhaka

MA in English Literature, University of Dhaka

Md. Habibullah

Research & Awards
I completed MA in English Literature in 2005 from University of Dhaka. I have been teaching at Department of English, World University of Bangladesh as an Assistant Professor and the ‘Head of the Department’. I have been teaching as an Adjunct Faculty in English at the University of Dhaka. I am a MPhil Research Fellow at Bangladesh University of Professionals(BUP).
1. “Travels in Absurdity: Islam and V. S. Naipaul”, published in Journal of Postcolonial
1. Member, Academic Council, World University of Bangladesh 2. Chairman, QA Committee, Dept. of English, WUB, under HEQEP project, UGC