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B.Sc in Civil Engineering (WUB)

Amdadul Hoque Tohin

Research & Awards
Amdadul Hoque Tohin joined World University of Bangladesh (WUB) in 3rd January, 2017 following an excellent academic career. In addition to specialization of Structural Engineering, he has professional experiences in construction management. Mr. Hoque optained B. Sc. in Civil Engineering from world University of Bangladesh (WUB) and secured first position in his batch. He is pursuing M.Sc. in Civil Engineering at The University of Asia Pacific (UAP). He has successfully completed professional training program for academic staff organized by Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) with financial and technical assistance from the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (UGC), World Bank and WUB. Besides teaching Mr. Hoque works in a development company (Reya Builders Ltd.) as a technical manager. He has been involved in many commercial, residential building projects in Dhaka. He has research interests in the area of Advanced and smart Civil Engineering materials.

Research works:

(1) A study on travel time reliability and its improvement in Dhaka city.
(2) Characterization of textile effluents and their treatment options.
(3) Effect of waste glasses as alternate coarse aggregate in concrete.


(1) awarded 'magna cum laude' from WUB for excellent academic result in B.Sc.
(2) Best performance award from WUB for several times.
(3) awarded from 'The daily prothom alo' and 'Aktel' for excellent academic result in secondary level.