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Head of the Department

M.Sc In Engineering

Farhan Mahbub

Research & Awards
I graduated from the American International Univerisity Bangladesh obtaining a first class honours degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering in 2007-08 .
I did my MS in Advanced Control System from University of Salford in 2010 with merit & did my M.Phil in the same University in 2015-2016.
In 2011 I became a lecturer in the Department of Mechatronics Engineering in World University of Bangladesh. I am currently the Head of Mechatronics Engineering Department.
I have published widely in the field of Control Engineering with over 2 publications.
MPhil Topic – An optimisation study to generate hypotheses on how muscle-tendon units act to minimise energy consumption in human walking.
A specialized master’s degree which includes modules such as: Control Systems, Automation & Robotics, Manipulators Theory & Practice, Control Techniques, and Advanced Flight Control.
Thesis: System Identification of Internal Model Control Systems.
A specialized bachelor’s degree which includes modules such as: Telecommunication, Microwave, Power Station, Digital logic Design.
    The Institution of Engineering ,Bangladesh,Membership No-27837 University of Salford Engineering Association,Uk