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Head of the Department

Ph.D. in Engineering, D.Sc. in Engineering

Dr. M. Abdus Samad

Research & Awards
• Professor , EEE Dept. WUB • Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) in Engineering, U.S.A-2011 • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in EEE, IIT, India-1987 o Ph. D. In the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, major in Power System and Communication System Reliability Engineering o Result: Excellent o From: Reliability Engineering Centre (REC), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, India. o Thesis: Reliability Evaluation of Complex Systems. o Supervisor: Professor K. B. Misra and Dr. R. B. Misra • Master of Engineering in EEE, IIT, India-1982 o Master of Engineering in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering , Major in Power System Engineering (PSE) o Result: First Class, I am only 1(One) in the whole batch o Form: Electrical and electronic Engineering (EEE) Department, Roorkee University (UP), presently IIT, India. o Thesis: Optimum Distributation of Electric Power. o Supervisor: Professor Dr. K. P. Suleebka • Bachelor of Science in EEE, Rajshahi University-1973 o Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering(EEE), Major in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) o Result: First Class o From: Rajshahi University, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. o Thesis: Design, Testing and Implementation Different Filter Circuits o Supervisor: Professor Romesh Chandra Roy
• Research Interest o Power System Engineering o Power System and Communication System’s Reliability Analysis. o Reliability Evaluation and Enhancement of Complicated System. o Electronics Engineering and Different Communication Systems Engineering. o Graph Theory and Its Application in Engineering. o Sorfware and Hardware Implementation of Image processing. o VLSI Modeling, Synthesis and Implementation. • Research and Publications o Supervised several Ph. D. Candidates and several M. Phil, M. Sc. Eng. and M. Eng. Candidates. Examined several Ph. D., M. Phil, and Master’s thesis as an External Expert Examiner. o Published/Presented about fifty (Half Century) Technical research papers in National/International Journals/ Conferences and preparing about half and dozen of papers. o Published one book-“Communicaition Engineering Fundamentals” by the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (UGCB) o Another 2(two) book “Electrical Engineering Fundamentals” and “Computer Engineering Fundamentals” are under process of Publication by the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (UGCB) • Awards, Scholarships and Funds o Awarded 5 (Five) differnet national award by different bodies of national level. o India Bangladesh Cultural Exchange scholarships awarded during 1980 to 1982 and o Awarded different scholarships during undergraduate studies. • Total Experience o About 43 (Forty three) years, out of which about 40 (Forty) years professional experience as assistant professor and above. Served different public and private universities/Institutes efficiently as Visiting Faculty and R & D Advisor Since 1975
    Technical Society Memberships • Member, IEEE (USA) • Life Felow of the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) • Founder Executive Member of the Bangladesh Electronics Society (BES). • Member of the Bangladesh Computer Society(BCS) • Member of the Bangladesh Association of Advancement of Science (BAAS) Other Memberships • All BITs’ Central committee for Advanced Research and Studies. • Board of Governors, Jahanabad Cant. School and College, Khulna • External Expert, Several Examination and other Committees, BUET, KUET, DU, DUET, RUET, CUET, Kushtia Islamic University, Rajshahi University, Chittangong University, Khulna University and others Universities.