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B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Kamal Ahmed

Research & Awards
Fellow EEE Dept. WUB B.Sc. EEE, BUET, 1969. One year post graduate academic course in nuclear engineering at Bhaba Atomic Research Center , India (1974-75). 34 years R & D activities in Bangladesh atomic energy commission (BAEC). Positions held in BAEC *Director,Research Reactor Project *Director :Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology. *Director General Atomic Energy Reseach Establishment.(AERE) *President: AERE High School.
Fellowship, Training & Seminar etc. · IAEA Fellowship for training in Reactor Operation and Management at Oregon State University ,U.S.A.in 1984. · Participated in a seminar on Low power reseach reactor.in Beijing,China. *Attended a short course on Nuclear fuel cycle.at Argonne National Lab.USA. Attended a Workshop on Reactor decommissioning .at Los Alamos Lab.USA. Publications 1. Operating experience of TRIGA MK-II research reactor in Bangladesh – M. A. Mannan and Kamal Ahmed. Proceeding of 3rd Asian Symposium on Research reactor Nov. 11-14, 1991, Hitachi, Ibaraki, Japan. 2. Problems and Modifications of Bangladesh research reactor- M. A. Zulquarnain, Kamal Ahmed, K. F. Ahmed, M. Haque and M. A. Mannan, Presented in the TCM meeting held in Dhaka. 2-26 June, 1991. 3. Experience on operation and maintenance of the 3 MW TRIGA MK-II research reactor- M. A. Zulquarnain, Monjurul Hoque, Kamal Ahmed. Presented in the 38th annual seminar If the Institutional of Engineers, Bangladesh in 1993. 4. Rectification works on primary cooling system of 3 MW TRIGA MK-II research reactor of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission. – M. A. Zulquarnain, Kamal Ahmed, Monjurul Hoque. Abdus Salam, S. Ahmed, Animesh Dutta & Mirza Kamal Ahmed. Proceedings of the 5th Asian Symposium on research reactor, (ASRR-V) May 29-31, 1996. Taejon, Korea. 5. Operation, Modification of Ageing Management of 3 MW TRIGA Research Reactor of BAEC. IAEA-RCA Regional Seminar, Mumbai, 4-6 December, 2000. 6. Nuclear power – An option for Energy security of Bangladesh. 7. Co-authored the book “Nuclear Reactor- Theory and Technology” by A.O.M.A. Ahad & Kamal Ahmed, ISBN-984-07-1663-3 published in 1992 by Bangla Academy, Dhaka. 8. Neutron beam application for Combational Cancer.
    1. Life member,Bangla
    2. Academy,Dhaka.