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Md. Imran Khan

Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
B.Sc. in ECE, Khulna University of Engineering & Technology(KUET), M.Sc. in Information and Communication Technology(Ongoing), IICT, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology(BUET)
Number of Publication 18


Superiority Analysis of MLMS over Adaptive Filtering Methods for Hearth Arrhythmias Detection
Performance Analysis of Modified Zero Crossing Counts Method for Heart Arrhythmias Detection and Implementation in HDL
Hardware architecture design of Anemia detecting regression model based on FPGA
Design of a triple band microstrip patch antenna for cellular and Wi-Fi application
A New Approach for Pattern Recognition with Neuro-Genetic System using Microbial Genetic Algorithm
Observation of Reservoir Density of State for Armchair Graphene Nanoribbon Channel
FPGA Based Leaf Chlorophyll Estimating Regression Model
FPGA Based Digital System for Detection of Dicrotic Notch in the Carotid Pulse Signal
FPGA based Heart Arrhythmias Detection Algorithm Implemented in Verilog HDL
Production And Testing of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell
Hardware Architecture Design Of Face Recognition System Based On FPGA
Design and implementation of three-stage battery charger for lead-acid battery
A survey on use of hybrid fillers in conductive polymer composites
Electrical properties of conductive polymer composites containing silver-coated glass particle and multi-walled carbon nanotube hybrid fillers
Regression based myoglobinuria detection from urine image
Review of Design for Security Techniques: Advancement and Challenges
Hybrid Neural Network for Efficient Training
A Simple Multiband Patch Antenna for Application in Wireless Communication

Md. Shahrier Hakim Nusrat Chowdhury

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