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Manik Mondal

  Assistant Professor
Basic Science Division
BSc. in Applied Mathematics, Rajshahi University
MSc. in Applied Mathematics, Rajshahi University
M.Phil. in Mathematics, BUET (ongoing)
Number of Publication 7


Traveling Wave Solutions of Regularized Long-Wave Equation
Study Of Inventory Model For Deteriorating Items With Exponential Demand Function
Vendor Buyer Coordination for Optimum Commodity Production and Consumption
Comparison and Supply Chain Optimization for Vendor-Buyer Coordination System
The Study of Mathematical Models to Determine the Main Causes of Spread out of HIV/AIDS
Time and Cost Minimizing for Successful Completion of a Large Scale Project by Applying Project Crashing Method
Vendor-Buyer Coordination and Supply Chain Optimization with Deterministic Demand Function

Suman Kar Kazi Anowar Hussain

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