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Md. Mostafizur Rahman

  Asstt. Professor & Head
Department of Textile Engineering
B.Sc. in Wet Processing, Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology
M.Sc. in Wet Processing & Garment Manufacturing, Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University
Number of Publication 7


Investigation on Physico-Chemical Properties of 100% Cotton Woven Fabric Treated with Titanium Dioxide
Influence of Enzyme and Silicone Wash on the Physico-Mechanical Properties of Non-Denim Twill Garments
Efficiency Losses Calculation and Identify Causes of Losses of Circular Knitting Machine during Knit Fabric Production.
Effect of Titanium Dioxide treatment on the properties of 100% cotton knitted fabric.
Evaluation of Physico-Mechanical Properties of 1×1 Interlock Cotton Knitted Fabric Due to Variation of Loop Length
Consequences of Enzyme Rinse on Physical Properties of Knit Garments

Engr. Mohd. Zakaria Islam Engr. Elias Khalil

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