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Dr. Md. Riyad Tanshen

  Sr. Asstt. Professor
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
B.Sc. in Engineering in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, World University of Bangladesh
Master of Engineering in Thermal & Mechnical Engineering, Gyeongsang National University, South Korea
Ph. D in Engineering in Energy and Mechanical Engineering, Gyeongsang National University , South Korea
Number of Publication 20


Effect of functionalized MWCNTs/water nanofluids on thermal resistance and pressure fluctuation characteristics in OHP
The effect of nanofluids and angular orientation on pressure and thermal characteristics performance of OHP
Pressure Distribution inside Oscillating Heat Pipe Charged with Aqueous Al2O3 Nanoparticles MWCNTs and Their Hybrid
A numerical investigation on LNG flow and heat transfer characteristic in heat exchanger
A study on the yearly measurement and numerical analysis of underground temperature
Surfactant-free dispersion of silver nanoparticles into MWCNT-aqueous nanofluids prepared by one-step technique and their thermal characteristics
Characterizing pressure fluctuation into single-loop oscillating heat pipe
Experimental investigation of the mechanical grinding effect on graphene structure
Development of a two wheel Tractor Operated Pick Type Potato Planter for Small
Investigation of Temperature Characteristics of LHP with Various Filling Ratio
Energy Audit in Unpuddled Transplanting of Rice Cultivation
A Study on the Heat Transfer Enhancement of Miniature loop Heat Pipes by Using the Cu Nanofluids
The structural characterization of pristine and ground graphenes with different grinding speed in planetary ball mill
Analysis of pressure fluctuations to evaluate thermal performance of oscillating heat pipe
Thermal Conductivity of TiO2 Nanoparticles Based Aqueous Nanofluids with an Addition of a Modified Silver Particle
Is metal nanofluid reliable as heat carrier?
Experimental Investigations on the Temperature Characteristics of Oscillating Heat Pipe with Various Filling Ratio
Study on the heat transfer properties of raw and ground graphene coating on the copper plate

Kamal Ahmed Md. Mohsin

World University of Bangladesh


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