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Shabuz Mahmud

  Assistant Professor
Department of Business
BBA (Accounting & Information Systems), University of Rajshahi
MBA (Accounting & Information Systems), University of Rajshahi
Listed Teacher, NTRCA
Number of Publication 6


Concept of Green Accounting and Its Practice in Bangladesh, Journal of Science and Technology, Vol. 3, Issue: 2, PP: 481-493. ISSN: 2079-472X, (July 2013).
Prospects of Angel Finance and Venture Capitalist Finance in Bangladesh, International Organization of Scientific Research Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol. 2, Issue: 3, PP: 61-66. e-ISSN: 2321-5933, p-ISSN: 2321-5925, (Nov. – Dec. 2013).
Relative Performance of Bangladesh Export Processing Zones (BEPZs) and the Reasons for the Difference in their Performance, Global Journal of Management and Business Research: B Economics and Commerce, Vol. 14, Issue: 3, Version: 1.0, PP: 29-40. e-ISSN: 2249-4588, p-ISSN: 0975-5853, (April 2014).
Computerized Accounting Systems; -The challenges faced by Accountants. A Comparative study between Traditional Accounting and Computerized Accounting, Business Review-Bangladesh, Journal of Business and Technical Progress, Vol. 3, No. 1, PP: 107-119. ISSN: 2224-1884, (July, 2014).
Compliance with Disclosure in Financial Audit: A Comparative Study of Some Selected Industries in Bangladesh, International Journal of Novel Research in Marketing Management and Economics, Vol. 2, Issue 1, PP: 14-26. ISSN: 2394-7322, (Jan. - Apr. 2015).
Corporate Governance Practices in Bangladesh: An Overview of Its Present Scenario in Banking Industry, International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management, Vol. 3, Issue 12, PP: 408-425. ISSN: 2348 0386, (December 2015).

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